Daljit Dhaliwal - Career With BBC and ITN

Career With BBC and ITN

Dhaliwal started her career as a field reporter for BBC Home TV News, then became anchor at ITN World News.

When ITN started the ITN World News she regularly presented the evening bulletins until the end of 2001. She presented with Andrew Harvey with each alternating each hour throughout the evening. Later in 2001, Dhaliwal's ITN World News broadcast was cancelled due to lack of corporate funding, (PBS switched from ITN World News to BBC World News which has late breaking live broadcast). She also was co-host of the inaugural season of PBS's Wide Angle in 2002. She returned as sole anchor in 2006, then left.

She had previously been a presenter starting out for BBC Home News as a field reporter and then Channel 4 News. She left BBC Home to host ITN World News and ITN World Focus a news summary on weekends.

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