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When Powell was 17, her father died after a long battle with lung cancer. Before he died, he told his daughter that she would have to get a job to support her mother, and would not be able to go to art school. As her mother wanted her daughter to receive an education, she rented out a room to four apprentice electricians. In September 1957, Powell gained a place at the Liverpool College of Art. She was told she had to wear glasses at the college, but disliked wearing them, which often resulted in misreading notices in college. Although studying graphics, she also took calligraphy classes, as did Lennon. He never had any drawing tools with him, so he constantly borrowed pens and pencils from Powell, who found out that he was only there because other teachers had refused to instruct him. She had an air of respectability and moved in different social circles to her future husband; Lennon and an art school friend, Geoff Mohammed, used to make fun of her by stopping the conversation when she walked in the room, saying: "Quiet please! No dirty jokes; it's Cynthia".

Powell once overheard Lennon give a compliment to a girl with blonde hair in the college, who looked similar to Brigitte Bardot. The next Saturday, Powell turned up at the college with her hair several shades blonder. Lennon noticed straight away, exclaiming, "Get you, Miss Hoylake!" (Lennon's nickname for her, along with "Miss Powell" or "Miss Prim"). Dressed like a Teddy Boy, he sometimes brought a guitar with him into class, and once sang "Ain't She Sweet" directly to Powell.

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