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Hyena is the name of two fictional supervillains published by DC Comics. The first Hyena debuted in Firestorm #4 (September 1978), and was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. The second Hyena debuted in Fury of Firestorm #10 (March 1983), and was created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick.

Both were-hyenas had problems with authority and resented Firestorm for interfering in their vendettas. The unique feature of the Hyenas was that they turned into were-hyena forms whenever they were under great emotional stress, not only when there was a full moon. This meant that they could attack foes in broad daylight, and that they would revert into their human forms when their emotional tension was relieved.

The first hyena, Summer Day, joined the Peace Corps as a result of relational issues with her father who was turned into a were-hyena as a result of an accident in Africa. Taking the name The Hyena, Summer returned to America and began attacking both criminals and police officers. A result of her condition is a steadily progressing madness.

The second hyena, Doctor Jivan Shi, was a psychiatrist whom Summer Day had fallen in love with while he was attempting to treat her were-hyena condition. One night, as Summer and Jivan were embracing, Summer transformed into The Hyena and infected Jivan with the were-hyena curse. Professor Stein noted that being The Hyena seemed to have warped Jivan Shi's mind. According to Fury of Firestorm #10-13, the madness suffered by the were-hyenas is one's bestial side taking over coupled with an exaggeration of negative emotions.

In Infinite Crisis, Deadshot killed one of the Hyenas after a prison break out, and the other appeared as a member of the Injustice League in One Year Later before being shot and killed by Parademons attacking the villains' camp.

A pack of at least five new were-hyenas, presumably suffering from the same curse as Summer and Jivan, were seen in San Francisco some time after the death of their remaining predecessor. They were promptly defeated and permanently returned to human form thanks to Zatanna, Vixen, and Black Canary. A new group of hyenas emerged in The New 52 reality, this version however are mercenaries who received special drugs that gave super-strength and velocity, with the side effect of a constant laugh.

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