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Harriet Cooper is the maternal aunt of Dick Grayson in the DC universe.

The character, created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, first appeared in Detective Comics #328 (June 1964).

Within the context of the stories, Harriet Cooper is Dick Grayson's maternal aunt who comes to live at Wayne Manor after the death of Alfred Pennyworth. She involves herself in the both Grayson's and Bruce Wayne's daily lives and on occasion comes close to uncovering the secret identities. When Alfred returns from the dead, she remains at Wayne manor at his insistence. Over time health problems reduces her activities and cause her to eventually leave Gotham City.

Despite the longstanding misconception of having been created specifically for the television series Batman, the character had actually been used in the comics for two years and was adapted for television where she was portrayed by Madge Blake. The introduction in the comics was done in part to reduce the homosexual interpretations of the Wayne/Grayson relationship. Some details from the television series (her last name, her status as a widow) were added to the comic stories in Detective Comics #373 (March 1968).

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