CV - Engineering, Mathematics, and Science

Engineering, Mathematics, and Science

  • Calorific value, the amount of heat released during the combustion of a substance
  • Capacitance voltage profiling, a technique to characterize semiconductor materials and devices
  • Cataclysmic variable star, characterized by irregular and large increases in brightness
  • Coefficient of variation, a measure of dispersion of a probability distribution
  • Computer vision, methods of extracting information and meaning form images & video
  • Constant-velocity joint or CV-joint
  • Constant voltage source, electrical description
  • Contractile vacuole, an organelle found in some cells
  • CV/Gate, a control voltage and gate solution
  • Cyclic voltammetry, an electrochemical way of measuring
  • Cv, the flow coefficient, used to determine the pressure-drop across an element in fluid flow applications
  • Chevaux Vapeur or Cavalli Vapore, a French or Italian system of car taxation

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