Cutaneous Nerves

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Cutaneous Nerve - Human Anatomy
... Dermatomes and major cutaneous nerves In human anatomy, cutaneous nerves are responsible for providing sensory innervation to the skin ... They are generally thought of as sensory-only nerves, but they may provide motor innervation to structures in the skin, e.g ... There are many cutaneous nerves in the human body, only some of which are named ...
Superficial Branch Of Lateral Plantar Nerve
... The superficial branch of lateral plantar nerve splits into a proper and a common digital nerve the proper digital nerve supplies the lateral side of the little toe, the ... the common digital nerve communicates with the third common digital branch of the medial plantar nerve and divides into two proper digital nerves which ... Nerves of lower limbs and lower torso the lumbosacral plexus (L1–Co) (TA A14.2.05–07GA 9.948) lumbar plexus (L1–L4) iliohypogastric lateral cutaneous branch anterior cutaneous branch ...

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