Some articles on customise:

Theme (computing) - Themed Systems
... IceWM uses themes to customise its taskbar, window borders, and time format ... to specify glassy-effect pushbuttons or square ones), and another theme to customise the appearance of windows (for example, window borders and title bars) ... a theme, but this is independent of the wallpaper settings (and WindowMaker has no taskbar to customise) Windows 98 and Windows Me came with themes such ...
Zoids Customise Parts
... Zoids Customise Parts (also referred to as Customise Parts or CPs) were a line of model kits released by TOMY as a part of the Zoids line ... The Customise Parts line was launched in 1999 ...
Helcat - Model Kit Lines - New Japanese Release - Customise Parts
... with the re-launch of the Zoids line, TOMY also launched a sub-line known as Customise Parts or simply CP ... The Customise Parts line was halted in 2001 ...

More definitions of "customise":

  • (verb): Make according to requirements.
    Synonyms: customize