Customer Experience Systems - Systems Reflect New Customer Orientation

Systems Reflect New Customer Orientation

In the past, service providers (wireline, wireless, broadband cable, satellite) and other companies competed through product differentiation and price points. Today, with products more and more commoditized and price differences negligible, the remaining differentiator is how well a company can deliver a customer experience that is personalized, rewarding, and meets customer needs. (Peppers & Rogers 2005)

Customer experience systems support service providers’ efforts to transform into customer-focused organizations as they recognize that consumers, not products, are driving today’s market. These systems power the front and back office (BSS/OSS) and integrate billing, customer relationship management (CRM), ordering, self service, digital content delivery, service fulfillment and assurance, and network planning. (Musico 2008) Software companies that sell these applications, including customer care and billing vendors, and increasingly, network equipment providers, can be considered providers of customer experience systems when their offerings are appropriately integrated. The first customer experience systems were introduced by Amdocs.

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