Curious Pastimes

Curious Pastimes (sometimes abbreviated to CP) is an organisation that runs one of the best known Live Roleplaying campaigns in the UK. CP is a private, profit-making company head-quartered in Moreton in the Wirral in Northern England. The company was formed in 1995, as a break away group from the Lorien Trust.

Curious Pastimes' ongoing LARP campaign, Renewal, is a spin-off from Lorien Trust's Gathering campaign. The campaign uses its own set of LARP rules, adapted from the Lorien Trust Rules System. Renewal is a "Fest" Game, in which large numbers (typically hundreds) of players interact with one another and with a small number of briefed non-player characters, climaxing in pre-arranged mass battles between roughly even numbers at the two longer events. These battles represent one of the major variations from the Gathering parent-game, being exclusively Player-versus-Monster battles (the Gathering's battles are chiefly Player-versus-Player).

With approximately 800 players attending the main event in August, Renewal is the third-largest fest campaign in the UK, behind the Gathering and Profound Decisions' Maelstrom.

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