Curia Regis

Curia regis is a Latin term meaning "royal council" or "king's court." It was the name given to councils of advisors and administrators who served early French kings as well as to those serving Norman and later kings of England.

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Curia Regis - France
... In France the King's Court, called the Curia Regis in Latin, and functioned as an advisory body under the early Capetian kings ... By the fourteenth century the term curia regis was no longer used ...
Duration Of English Parliaments Before 1660 - Origin of Parliament
... Parliament grew out of the Curia Regis, which was a body which advised the King on legislative matters ... The Curia Regis (known in English as the Council or Court) was composed of prominent church leaders (Archbishops, Bishops and some Abbots) and the King's feudal tenants-in-ch ... was seen by contemporaries as any different from the similar meetings of the Curia Regis that had been held since the Conquest, but as a list of Parliaments must start at ...
Court Of King's Bench (England) - History - Origins
... Originally, the sole "court" was the curia regis, one of the three central administrative bodies along with the Exchequer and Chancery, from which ... This curia was the King's court, composed of those advisers and courtiers who followed the King as he travelled around the country ... In concert with the curia regis, eyre circuits staffed by itinerant judges dispensed justice throughout the country, operating on fixed paths at certain times ...