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The KDEPrint framework for KDE contains various GUI-tools that act as CUPS front-ends and allows the administration of classes, print queues and print jobs; it includes a printer wizard to assist with adding new printers amongst other features. KDEPrint first appeared in KDE 2.2.

KDEPrint supports several different printing platforms, with CUPS one of the best-supported. It replaced a previous version of printing support in KDE, qtcups and is backwards compatible with this module of KDE. As of 2009 kprinter, a dialogue-box program, serves as the main tool for sending jobs to the print device; it can also be started from the command line. KDEPrint includes a system to pre-filter any jobs before they are handed over to CUPS, or to handle jobs all on itself, such as converting files to PDF. These filters are described by a pair of Desktop/XML files.

KDEPrint's main components include:

  • a Print Dialog box, which allows printer properties to be modified
  • a Print Manager, which allows management of printers, such as adding and removing printers, through an Add Printer Wizard
  • a Job Viewer/Manager, which manages printer jobs, such as hold/release, cancel and move to another printer
  • a CUPS configuration module (integrated into KDE)

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