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Toyota - Product Line - Electric Technology - Hybrid Electric Vehicles
2012, the Prius is the top selling hybrid car in world, with cumulative sales of 2.8 million units since its introduction in 1997 ... Cumulative sales of the Prius in Japan reached the 1 million mark in August 2011 ... Worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles produced by Toyota reached 1.0 million vehicles by May 31, 2007, and the 2.0 million mark was reached by August 31 ...
Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Sales and Rankings
... with cumulative global sales of more than 1 million hybrids by September 2012, and Ford Motor Corporation with more than 200 thousand hybrids sold in the United States by June 2012 ... TMC experienced record sales of hybrid cars during 2012, with 1,028,900 million units sold from January 1 through October 31, 2012, representing 14% of TMC's ... Also, cumulative year-to-date TMC's hybrid sales through October climbed 63.6% over 2011 total sales of 628,989 hybrids ...
Honda Fit - Sales
... Japanese sales of the first generation Fit greatly exceeded the original monthly sales target of 8,000 units on debut. 2001, it had outsold the Toyota Corolla, and ranked first in sales for nine out of twelve months in 2002 ... With a total sales of 250,790 for the year of 2002, it became the best-selling vehicles in Japan, which is a first for a Honda model ...

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