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Creation of A Pearl - Types of Cultured Pearls
... Keshi pearls, although they often occur by chance, are not considered natural pearls ... These pearls are quite small typically a few millimeters in size ... Keshi pearls are produced by many different types of marine mollusks and freshwater mussels in China ...
Cultured Pearl - The Pearl Industry
... The cultured pearls on the market today can be divided into two categories ... The first category covers the beaded cultured pearls, including Akoya, South Sea and Tahiti ... These pearls are gonad grown, and usually one pearl is grown at a time ...
Diamonds As An Investment - Financial Feasibility - Polished Diamonds
... strongly undermining prices was the permanent fall in natural pearl prices with the introduction of cultured pearls ... In part because of the social acceptability of wearing cultured pearls to much of the market, customers migrated from the natural to the lower priced cultured product ... This altered the supply and demand situation for natural pearls and perhaps the overall prestige of pearls in general was lowered ...
Creation of A Pearl - Gemological Identification
... A well-equipped gem testing laboratory can distinguish natural pearls from cultured pearls by using gemological X-ray equipment to examine the center of a pearl ... With X-rays it is possible to see the growth rings of the pearl, where the layers of calcium carbonate are separated by thin layers of conchiolin ... The differentiation of natural pearls from non-beaded cultured pearls can be very difficult without the use of this X-ray technique ...
Rangiroa - Economy - Pearls
... The breeding of pearl oysters in the lagoon can produce black pearls ... In fact, black pearls (meaning the marine cultured pearls produced from the black lip pearl oyster shell, Pinctada margaritifera) are abundant in the atolls of ... These pearls, which have a wide range of natural colors, from white to dark and all kind of grey, are the only cultured pearls in the world with so many different natural colors as the famous green ...

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    Coal-black maidens with pearls in their hair,
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    And bells on their ankles and little black feet.
    Vachel Lindsay (1879–1931)

    Love is a great thing. It is not by chance that in all times and practically among all cultured peoples love in the general sense and the love of a man for his wife are both called love. If love is often cruel or destructive, the reasons lie not in love itself, but in the inequality between people.
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