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One-Parent Families

“The state does not give any special aid to one parent families; however, it gives special needs to the children of single parent families. The Cuban government supports women being economically independent, though, dislikes the results of higher divorce rates, more underage impregnated teens, and female-headed households.”. With the Family Code of 1975, which aimed at strengthening the standard (two-parent nuclear family), was not the case. Remarriage and re-coupling was common, so divorce rates reflected a minority of Cuba’s population as divorce. “As of 1992, couples under the ages of 20 were likely to get divorced,” as were couples in urban areas. It is estimated that around “200,000 single parents are present in Cuba.” As a matter of fact, observations in the Cuban community in “1992 shows that 15-20% of households with children are headed by women alone.”

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    Families need families. Parents need to be parented. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles are back in fashion because they are necessary. Stresses on many families are out of proportion to anything two parents can handle.
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    The most socially subversive institution of our time is the one-parent family.
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