Cuboidal Epithelial Cell

Cuboidal epithelia are epithelial cells having a cube-like shape; that is, their width is approximately equal to their height. They may exist in single layers (simple cuboidal epithelium) or multiple layers (stratified cuboidal epithelium) depending on their location (and thus function) in the body.

They also contain mitochondria to provide movement.

Histology: Epithelial tissue (TH H2.00.02)
Epithelial cells
Surface epithelium
  • Simple squamous epithelium
    • Endothelium
    • Mesothelium
  • Simple cuboidal epithelium
  • Pseudostratified columnar epithelium
    • Respiratory epithelium
  • Stratified squamous epithelium
  • Stratified cuboidal epithelium
  • Stratified columnar epithelium
  • Transitional epithelium/Urothelium
glandular epithelium
  • Merocrine
    • Eccrine
  • Apocrine
  • Holocrine
    • Sebaceous
    • Meibomian
  • Tubular gland
  • Alveolar gland
  • Serous glands
  • Mucous glands
  • Myoepithelial cell
  • Serous demilune
  • Ducts: Interlobar duct
  • Interlobular duct
  • Intralobular duct
    • Striated duct
    • Intercalated duct
  • Acinus/Lobe
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