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Overseas Interventions Of The United States - Cold War
... In 1954, the CIA armed anti-communist rebels that helped overthrow the Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala ... In 1959, the CIA attempted to depose Cuban dictator Fidel Castro through the Bay of Pigs Invasion ... The CIA (with Cuban exiles and South African mercenaries) fought Maoist "Simbas" and Afro-Cuban rebels (led by Che Guevarra) during the Congo Crisis ...
Hamilton Fish - U.S. Secretary of State - Cuban Belligerency and Rebellion 1869-1870
... By 1869, Cuban nationals were in open rebellion against their mother country Spain, due to the unpopularity of Spanish rule ... American sentiment favored the Cuban rebels and President Grant appeared to be on the verge of acknowledging Cuban belligerency ... Recognizing Cuban belligerency would have jeopardized settlement and arbitration with Great Britain ...

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    Now boys, remember you are the Twenty-third, and give them hell. In these woods the Rebels don’t know but we are ten thousand; and if we fight, and when we charge yell, we are as good as ten thousand, by God.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Because a person is born the subject of a given state, you deny the sovereignty of the people? How about the child of Cuban slaves who is born a slave, is that an argument for slavery? The one is a fact as well as the other. Why then, if you use legal arguments in the one case, you don’t in the other?
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)