Crowned Teeth

Crowned teeth may refer to:

  • List of gear nomenclature#Crowned teeth - a term used in gear nomenclature
  • Crown (dentistry) - a type of dental restoration

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List Of Gear Nomenclature - Crowned Teeth
... Crowned teeth have surfaces modified in the lengthwise direction to produce localized contact or to prevent contact at their ends ...
Herbivore Adaptations To Plant Defense - Mechanical Adaptations
... up intact plant tissues, mammals have developed teeth structures that reflect their feeding preferences ... that feed on soft foliage have low-crowned teeth specialized for grinding foliage and seeds ... Grazing animals that tend to eat hard, silica-rich grasses, have high-crowned teeth, which are capable of grinding tough plant tissues and do not wear ...
Elasmotherium - Description - Dentition
... had cheek teeth evolved for herbivory two premolars and three molars (originally taken for five molars), no incisors, no canines ... response in geologic time is to evolve cheek teeth with large crowns (hypsodonty) ... grazing and hypsodonty "As a general rule, extant herbivores with low-crowned teeth are predominantly browsers and species with high-crowned teeth are predominantly grazers." Vladimir Onufryevich Kovalevsky first ...

Famous quotes containing the words teeth and/or crowned:

    I’d like to live another hundred years yet—and I don’t know but I will, too. My teeth are good, and if I can get enough to eat, I don’t know why I should die. There’s no use in dying—you ain’t good for anything after you are dead.
    Sylvia Dubois (1788?–1889)

    When you’re crowned Miss America, they put you up on a pedestal. People really look up to you and they think you’re perfect. They think that you have everything that you’ve ever wanted or dreamed about in life.
    Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (b. c. 1968)