Critical Coupling Strength

Some articles on coupling:

Synchronization Of Chaos - Identical Synchronization
... modeling the isolated chaotic dynamics and is the coupling parameter ... If the coupling vanishes the oscillators are decoupled, and the chaotic behavior leads to a divergence of nearby trajectories ... synchronization occurs due to the interaction, if the coupling parameter is large enough so that the divergence of trajectories of interacting systems due to chaos is suppressed by the diffusive coupling ...

Famous quotes containing the words strength, critical and/or coupling:

    Here, with whitened hair, desires failing, strength ebbing out of him, with the sun gone down and with only the serenity and the calm warning of the evening star left to him, he drank to Life, to all it had been, to what it was, to what it would be. Hurrah!
    Sean O’Casey (1884–1964)

    It would be easy ... to regard the whole of world 3 as timeless, as Plato suggested of his world of Forms or Ideas.... I propose a different view—one which, I have found, is surprisingly fruitful. I regard world 3 as being essentially the product of the human mind.... More precisely, I regard the world 3 of problems, theories, and critical arguments as one of the results of the evolution of human language, and as acting back on this evolution.
    Karl Popper (1902–1994)

    The time of the seasons and the constellations
    The time of milking and the time of harvest
    The time of the coupling of man and woman
    And that of beasts. Feet rising and falling.
    Eating and drinking. Dung and death.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)