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Sinister Dexter - Characters
... and friend to the hitmen Demi Octavo (Deceased), girlfriend of "Holy" Moses Tannebaum and former crime boss Rocky Rhodes, a former cop and friend, owner of the Bar ... include The Apellido Mob Apellido, current Crime Lord of Download City Ronko, Apellido's chief enforcer ... Brakes, a minor enforcer The Mover's Mob "Holy" Moses Tannebaum (The Mover), first Crime Lord of Download City ...
List Of Spider-Man (1994 TV Series) Characters - Villains - Hammerhead
... Hammerhead worked for the crime lord known as Silvermane and was with him when some of the other crime lords were plotting to overthrow the Kingpin ... after using the villain known as Tombstone to kidnap the crime lord's wife and Dr ... brought it back to the Kingpin so the crime lord could sell it for a large price ...
Men Don't Cry - Synopsis
... As the crime lord and the townspeople were about to subdue him, one of his henchman told him that the boat that carried Kin's father exploded and that everyone on that boat died, including his father, his mistress and ...
SPL: Sha Po Lang - Plot
... of Wong Po, which culminates in a brawl in the lobby of a department store with the rotund crime lord ... He attempts to catch the crime lord off guard and shoots a few goons but is eventually overpowered by Jack, who knocks the revolver out of his hand ... He fights with the crime lord and seemingly kills Wong when he backdrops the latter onto a tall display of glasses and bottles ...

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    Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 33:11.

    It is a crime against the State to be powerful enough to commit one.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)