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Christopher Cox - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman - Response To The Beginning of The 2008 U.S. Recession
... to other regulatory gaps such as the fact that the $60 trillion market for credit default swaps is completely unregulated ... Cox said that during the buildup of the credit crisis, when the credit rating agencies were still unregulated, they gave top credit ratings to financial instruments which packaged ... Following the first-time SEC registration of the credit rating agencies in September 2007 under newly enacted legislative authority, he ordered a 10-month examination of ...
Credit Rating Agencies And The Subprime Crisis
... Credit rating agencies played a very important role at various stages in the subprime crisis ... reported in January 2011 that "The three credit rating agencies were key enablers of the financial meltdown ... This crisis could not have happened without the rating agencies ...
Credit Rating Agencies And The Subprime Crisis - Explanation For Inaccurate Ratings - Unwillingness To Spend On Human Resources
... While Moody's and other credit rating agencies were quite profitable — Moody's operating margins were consistently over 50%, higher than famously successful Exxon Mobil or Microsoft, and its ... Journalist Michael Lewis argues that the low pay of credit rating agency employees allowed security issuers to game the ratings of their securities ... the analysts at Moody's and other credit raters had considerable power relative to the higher paid analysts at investment banks ...

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