Craig Pritchett - Steady Results in British Chess Championships

Steady Results in British Chess Championships

Pritchett has competed many times in the British Chess Championships, with generally solid results, qualifying twice to Zonal tournaments. Here are his detailed results, from, the Craig Pritchett player file.

  • Bristol 1968, 6.5/11; tied 7-11th places;
  • Blackpool 1971, 7/11, qualified for Zonal at Caorle 1972, where he struggled with just 6.5/17;
  • Brighton 1972, 5.5/11;
  • Eastbourne 1973, 6/11;
  • Morecambe 1975, 6.5/11, tied 6-9th places, qualified for Zonal at Pula 1975, where he improved on his earlier showing with 7.5/14 for a tied 7-9th place, but did not advance to the Interzonal stage;
  • Brighton 1977, 5.5/11;
  • Brighton 1980, 5.5/11;
  • Southport 1983, 6/11;
  • Edinburgh 1985, 6.5/11;
  • Southampton 1986, 5.5/11;
  • Swansea 1987, 7/11, tied 6th place;
  • Blackpool 1988, 4.5/10.

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