Cowper (surname)

Cowper (pronounced Cowper or Cooper depending on family) is a surname of several persons:

  • Bob Cowper (born 1940), Australian cricketer
  • Charles Cowper (1807–1875), Australian politician
  • Edward Alfred Cowper (1819–1893), British mechancial engineer, metallurgist
  • Francis Thomas de Grey Cowper, 7th Earl Cowper
  • Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877–1958), British artist
  • Gerry Cowper (born 1958), British actress
  • Nicola Cowper (born 1967), British actress
  • Peter Cowper (1902–1962), English footballer from the 1920s and 1930s
  • Richard Cowper, pseudonym of John Middleton Murry, Jr.
  • Spencer Cowper (1670–1728), British MP and barrister
  • Steve Camberling Cowper (born 1938), American politician and governor of Alaska
  • William Cowper of Galloway (1568–1619), bishop
  • William Cowper (1731–1800), English poet and hymnodist
  • William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper (1665–1723), Lord Chancellor of England
  • William Cowper (anatomist), English anatomist (1666–1709), see also Cowper's gland and Cowper's fluid
  • William Cowper-Temple, 1st Baron Mount Temple (1811–1888), British politician and courtier

Famous quotes containing the word cowper:

    Variety’s the very spice of life
    That gives it all its flavour.
    —William Cowper (1731–1800)