Covalent Bonds

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Gas - Physical Characteristics
... separated from one another, and consequently have weaker intermolecular bonds than liquids or solids ... Gaseous compounds with polar covalent bonds contain permanent charge imbalances and so experience relatively strong intermolecular forces, although the molecule while ... Transient, randomly-induced charges exist across non-polar covalent bonds of molecules and electrostatic interactions caused by them are referred to as Van der Waals forces ...
Van Arkel–Ketelaar Triangle
... Bond triangles or van Arkel–Ketelaar triangles (named after Anton Eduard van Arkel and J ... compounds in varying degrees of ionic, metallic and covalent bonding ... The bond triangle shows that ionic, metallic and covalent bonds are not just particular bonds of a specific type ...
Polarity of Covalent Bonds
... Covalent bonds are affected by the electronegativity of the connected atoms ... Two atoms with equal electronegativity will make nonpolar covalent bonds such as H−H ... An unequal relationship creates a polar covalent bond such as with H−Cl ...

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