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Court Of Appeal Of Singapore
... The Court of Appeal of the Republic of Singapore is the nation's highest court and its court of final appeal ... It is the upper division of the Supreme Court of Singapore, the lower being the High Court ... The Court of Appeal consists of the Chief Justice of Singapore, who is the President of the Court, and the Judges of Appeal ...
Court Of Appeal Of Singapore - Constitution of The Court
... The Supreme Court of Singapore is the nation's superior court of record ... jurisdiction to hear civil and criminal cases is unlimited compared to the Subordinate Courts of Singapore, and it hears appeals from lower courts ... As a court of record, it keeps a perpetual record of its proceedings ...
Court Of Appeal Of Singapore - Jurisdiction - Appellate Criminal Jurisdiction - Criminal Appeals
... The Court of Appeal only hears appeals from decisions of the High Court made when the latter is exercising original criminal jurisdiction ... In other words, matters heard by the High Court on appeal from the Subordinate Courts cannot be further appealed to the Court of Appeal, though questions of law may be reserved ... A person convicted in the High Court can appeal against the conviction, the sentence or both, unless he or she pleaded guilty in which case only an appeal against ...
Court Of Appeal Of Singapore - Jurisdiction - Appellate Criminal Jurisdiction - Determination of Questions of Law
... If a person has been convicted by the High Court, the trial judge and the Public Prosecutor may reserve for the Court of Appeal's decision any questions of law that arose ... for the trial judge to state a case on a question of law for the Court of Appeal's determination, and if the judge declines to do so the party may apply to the Court of Appeal to direct the trial judge to state a case ... During a Subordinate Court trial, instead of applying for the trial judge to state a case for the High Court's opinion, a party to the proceedings may apply ...
Court Of Appeal Of Singapore - Judicial Precedent
... As the highest court of Singapore and its final appellate court, under the principles of stare decisis (judicial precedent) decisions of the Court ... Even if judges in these courts disagree with the reasoning given by the Court of Appeal in particular cases, they are required to apply the legal ... The Court of Appeal became Singapore's final appellate court following the abolition of all appeals to the Privy Council with effect from 8 April 1994 ...

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