Coupling Constants

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Two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Heteronuclear Through-bond Correlation Methods - Heteronuclear Multiple-bond Correlation Spectroscopy (HMBC)
... time between pulses which allows detection only of a range around a specific coupling constant ... for the single-bond methods since the coupling constants tend to lie in a narrow range, but multiple-bond coupling constants cover a much wider range and cannot all be captured in a single HSQC or ... This increases the range of coupling constants that can be detected, and also reduces signal loss from relaxation ...
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Of Proteins - Restraint Generation - Angle Restraints
... One approach is to use the Karplus equation, to generate angle restraints from coupling constants ... use the fact that the geometry around the alpha carbon affects the coupling constants and chemical shifts, so given the coupling constants or the chemical shifts ...
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance - Spectral Parameters - Hyperfine Coupling
... The hyperfine coupling constant of a nucleus is directly related to the spectral line spacing and, in the simplest cases, is essentially the spacing itself ... The symbols "a" or "A" are used for isotropic hyperfine coupling constants while "B" is usually employed for anisotropic hyperfine coupling constants ... The line spacing gives a hyperfine coupling constant of aH = 23 G for each of the three 1H nuclei ...
Supersymmetry - Applications - The Supersymmetric Standard Model - Gauge Coupling Unification
... One piece of evidence for supersymmetry existing is gauge coupling unification ... The renormalization group evolution of the three gauge coupling constants of the Standard Model is somewhat sensitive to the present particle content of the theory ... These coupling constants do not quite meet together at a common energy scale if we run the renormalization group using the Standard Model ...
Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy - Applications in Chemistry - Coupling Constants
... One-bond coupling is illustrated by PH3 where J(P,H) is 189 Hz ... Two-bond couplings, e.g ... The situation for phosphorus-carbon couplings are more complicated since the two-bond couplings are often larger than one-bond couplings ...

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