Countless Contradictions

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Ehron Von Allen - Guest Vocalists, Contributors and Remixers
... Guest vocalist on "Countless Contradictions", "Insecure Armies" "Hang On" Alison Lewis - guest vocalist on the Recoil cover "Jezebel" Irene Leon-VonAllen - narrated the song "Prophecy" Nancy Allen Mitchell - lead ... Joseph Mix" Otto D'Agnolo - string and sound fx arrangement on "Countless Contradictions" John Hall - photography, art direction, graphic design associated with albums "Incarnation", "Your Only ... and vocalist on the song "Inferno" Todd Chuba - live drums on the songs "Virtues", "Countless Contradictions", "Red Angel" "Estella" Jeff Clark - narrator sermon preacher on "The True ...

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    I think of consciousness as a bottomless lake, whose waters seem transparent, yet into which we can clearly see but a little way. But in this water there are countless objects at different depths; and certain influences will give certain kinds of those objects an upward influence which may be intense enough and continue long enough to bring them into the upper visible layer. After the impulse ceases they commence to sink downwards.
    Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)