Counterfeit Money - List of Notable Counterfeiters

List of Notable Counterfeiters

  • Peter Alston, was the late 18th Century and early 19th Century counterfeiter and river pirate, who is believed to be Little Harpe's associate and partner in the murder of notorious outlaw leader Samuel Mason in 1803
  • Philip Alston, was an 18th century counterfeiter both before and after the American Revolution in Virginia and the Carolinas before the war, and later in Kentucky and Illinois afterwards.
  • Anatasios Arnaouti, a British counterfeiter of more than £2.5 million in fake money, sentenced in 2005.
  • Abel Buell, American colonialist and republican who went from altering five-pound note engraving plates to publishing the first map of the new United States created by an American.
  • Mary Butterworth, a counterfeiter in colonial America.
  • William Chaloner, a British counterfeiter convicted by Sir Isaac Newton and hanged on 16 March 1699.
  • Mike DeBardeleben, was sent to prison for counterfeiting the $20 bill
  • Alves dos Reis, who by the end of 1925 had managed to introduce escudo banknotes worth £1,007,963 at 1925 exchange rates into the Portuguese economy, which was equivalent to 0.88% of Portugal’s nominal GDP at the time.
  • John Duff, was a counterfeiter, hunter, and scout who assisted in George Rogers Clark's campaign to capture the Illinois country for the American side during the Revolutionary War
  • Eric "Klipping" V, the king of Denmark (1259–1286). The king’s nickname refers to ”clipping” of the coin.
  • David Farnsworth. a counterfeiter in colonial America. He was hanged for his crimes after George Washington had taken a personal interest in his case.
  • "King" David Hartley, was the leader of the Cragg Vale Coiners of rural 18th century England. Producing fake gold coins, he was eventually captured and hanged at Tyburn near York on April 28, 1770 and buried in the village of Heptonstall, W Yorks. His brother, Isaac, escaped the authorities and lived until 1815.
  • Stephen Jory - Great Britain's most renowned counterfeiter started his career by selling cheap perfume in designer bottles. He later established his own illegal printing operation to produce and distribute an estimated five billion pounds in counterfeit currency throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Edward Mueller - Documented in Mister 880, he was possibly the longest uncaught counterfeiter in history. For ten or more years he eluded government authorities while he printed and spent fake $1 bills in his New York neighborhood.
  • Catherine Murphy was convicted of coining in 1789 and was the last woman to suffer execution by burning in England.
  • John A. Murrell, a near-legendary bandit operating in the United States along the Mississippi River in the mid-nineteenth century. Convicted for his crimes in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Tennessee, Murrell was incarcerated in the Tennessee State Penitentiary, modeled after the Auburn penal system, from 1834 to 1844.
  • King Philip the Fair of France (1268–1314) caused riots and was known as "the counterfeiter king" for emitting coinage that was debased compared to the standards that had been prevalent during the half century previous to his reign.
  • Isaiah L. Potts (1784?-?) (United States), aliases used were William Potts, Billy or Billie Potts, Sr., was an Illinois tavern owner who, allegedly, ran a gang of highwaymen and murderers, along a frontier highway near Cave-In-Rock and was an associate of James Ford.
  • Sturdivant Gang - A multi-generational group of American counterfeiters whose criminal activities took place over a 50 year period from Colonial Connecticut to the Illinois frontier.
  • Albert Talton - was sent to prison for counterfeiting the one hundred U.S. dollar bill and the twenty U.S. dollar bill. Produced over 7 million dollars in counterfeit US currency using standard inkjet printer. Convicted and sent to prison in May 2009.
  • Samuel C. Upham - the first known counterfeiter of Confederate money during the American Civil War. His activities began or became known in early July 1862.
  • Wesley Weber - was sent to prison for counterfeiting the Canadian hundred-dollar bill.
  • Arthur Williams - was sent to prison for counterfeiting the one hundred U.S. dollar bill.

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