Count of Foix

The Count of Foix ruled the independent County of Foix, in what is now southern France, during the Middle Ages. Later they extended their power to almost the entire Pyrenees mountain range, moving their court to Pau, in Béarn, until eventually the last count of Foix acceded to the French throne as King Henry IV of France.

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Count Of Foix - List of Counts of Foix - House of Bourbon
1600 Lyon six children 14 May 1610 Paris aged 57 In 1607 the county of Foix was reunited to the French crown ...
Gaston II, Count Of Foix
... Gaston II of Foix-Béarn (1308 – September 1343), son of Gaston I of Foix-Béarn and Jeanne of Artois, was the 10th Count of Foix ... In 1315, after the death of his father Gaston I, he became Count of Foix, and Viscount of Béarn, Marsan, Gabardan, Nébouzan and Lautrec under the regency of his mother, Jeanne of Artois ... Count Gaston II imprisoned his mother Jeanne d'Artois in 1331 at the Château of Foix, being later moved in turn to Orthez, Lourdes and Carbonne ...

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