Cosmetic Camouflage

Cosmetic camouflage is the application of make-up creams and/or powders to conceal colour or contour irregularities or abnormalities of the face or body. It offers an answer to solve all related skin problems such as Congenital origin, Traumatic origin and Dermatological origin ( angiomas, couperose, redness, teleangectasy, vitiligo, skin dyschromia, sunspots, senile spots, acne, results of burns, stretch-mark, scars, bruises, blue stains, eye sockets, tattoos). Furthermore, cosmetic camouflage solves the psychological problems that a skin imperfection is sometimes able to provoke, it allows to rediscover its own beauty and to return with serenity to its own social life. Cosmetic camouflage creams were first developed by plastic surgeons during World War II to cover the massive burns received by fighter pilots. Nowadays, men, women and children can use cosmetic camouflage.

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