• (noun): A statistical relation between two or more variables such that systematic changes in the value of one variable are accompanied by systematic changes in the other.
    Synonyms: correlational statistics
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Mathematical Description - Spatial Correlation Matrices
... Under the Kronecker model, the spatial correlation depends directly on the eigenvalue distributions of the correlation matrices and ... High spatial correlation is represented by large eigenvalue spread in or, meaning that some spatial directions are statistically stronger than others ... Low spatial correlation is represented by small eigenvalue spread in or, meaning that almost the same signal gain can be expected from all spatial directions ...
Correlation Clustering
... Correlation clustering also relates to a different task, where correlations among attributes of feature vectors in a high-dimensional space are assumed to exist guiding the clustering process ... These correlations may be different in different clusters, thus a global decorrelation cannot reduce this to traditional (uncorrelated) clustering ... Correlations among subsets of attributes result in different spatial shapes of clusters ...
Correlation Database
... A correlation database is a database management system (DBMS) that is data-model-independent and designed to efficiently handle unplanned, ad hoc queries in an analytical system environment ... databases which use a column-based storage method, a correlation database uses a value-based storage (VBS) architecture in which each unique data value is stored only once and an auto-generated indexing system ...
Spatial Correlation - Existence
... Spatial correlation means that there is a correlation between the received average signal gain and the angle of arrival of a signal ... Rich multipath propagation decreases the spatial correlation by spreading the signal such that multipath components are received from many different spatial directions ... Short antenna separations increase the spatial correlation as adjacent antennas will receive similar signal components ...
Correlation (disambiguation)
... Correlation is a measure of relationship between two mathematical variables or measured data values, which includes the Pearson correlation coefficient as a special case ... Correlation may also refer to Electronic correlation, a description of the interaction between electrons in a quantum system Phase correlation, an analysis of translative movement ...

More definitions of "correlation":

  • (noun): A statistic representing how closely two variables co-vary; it can vary from -1 (perfect negative correlation) through 0 (no correlation) to +1 (perfect positive correlation).
    Example: "What is the correlation between those two variables?"
    Synonyms: correlation coefficient, coefficient of correlation
  • (noun): A reciprocal relation between two or more things.
    Synonyms: correlativity