COROT-3b (formerly known as COROT-Exo-3b) is a brown dwarf or massive extrasolar planet with a mass 21.66 times that of Jupiter. The object orbits an F-type star in the constellation of Aquila. The orbit is circular and takes 4.2568 days to complete. It was discovered by the French-led COROT mission which detected the dimming of the parent star's light as COROT-3b passes in front of it (a situation called a transit).

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COROT-3b - Classification
... The issue of whether COROT-3b is a planet or a brown dwarf depends on the definition chosen for these terms ... by the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Extrasolar Planets, COROT-3b is a brown dwarf ... between brown dwarfs and planets is used, the status of COROT-3b becomes less clear as the method of formation for this object is not known ...