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  • Semiconductor intellectual property core, is a unit of design in ASIC/FPGA electronics and IC manufacturing
  • Multi-core, a type of microprocessor design in which multiple processors coexist on the same chip
  • Magnetic core, in electricity and electronics, ferromagnetic material around which wires are wound
    • Magnetic-core memory, in computing, the primary memory prior to semiconductor memory
  • Nuclear reactor core, a portion containing the fuel components
  • Core (optical fiber), the signal-carrying portion of an optical fiber
  • Core (manufacturing), used in casting and molding
  • Intel Core, in computing, a family of single-core and multi-core 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs released by Intel
  • Core Animation, in computing, a data visualization API used in Mac OS X
  • Core dump, in computing, is the recorded state of a running program
  • Core International, a defunct American computer and technology corporation

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