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Possessed nouns are marked with a prefix expressing the person and number of their possessor. The forms of the prefix expressing first person singular is ne-, na-, or ni-, for second person singular it is a-, mwa'a-, a'a-. The third person singular is marked by the prefix ru-. A first person plural possessor is marked by the prefix ta-, second person plural by ha'amwa- and third person plural by wa'a-. Furthermore there are two suffixes. One, -ra'an is used to mark an obviative or fourth person possessor. The other is -me'en used to mark a plural possessum of a singular possessor.

Possessive paradigm
Number/person of Possessor Singular Plural
1. person nechi'i "my house" tachi'i "our house"
2. person achi'i "your house" há'amwachi'i "Your (pl.) house"
3. person ruchi'i "his/her own house" wa'áchi'i "Their house"
4. person chí'ira'an "the house of the other"
pl. possessum + possessor chí'imeen "his/her houses"

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