Copper Canyon - Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns

Among the villages located in or on the Copper Canyon are:

  • Bahuichivo, ChePe train stop for Cerocahui, Urique, Piedras Verdes, Tubares
  • Basaseachi, located near the pouroff of 840ft (246m) Cascada Basaseachi in the Barranca Candameña. The towns and ranchos of San Lorenzo, Cahuisori, and Huahumar encircle the rim of the canyon, also home to Mexico's highest waterfall Piedra Volada (1200m). It is on the main Federal Highway 16 between Chihuahua, Chihuahua, and Hermosillo, Sonora. The Rio Candameña is a tributary of the Rio Mayo which flows into the Sea of Cortez.
  • Batopilas, elevation 600m, a town on the Batopilas River at the bottom of a canyon; first established by the Spanish around 1632 to mine silver. It is located 30 km southeast of Urique.
  • Bocoyna, 30 km east of Creel, and on the eastern escarpment of the continental divide. The nearby Rio Conchos flows into the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) on the Mexico-Texas border. Carichí, Sisoguichi, and Panalachi are important Tarahumara settlements on the Rio Conchos drainage system.
  • Cerocahui, 14 km S. of the train stop at Bahuichivo.
  • Creel, atop the canyon and, at 2340m 8,000 feet (2,438 m) altitude, marking the highest point on the ChePe railroad route; a central point for commerce and tourism.
  • Divisadero, a key train stop and vista point with amazing views down into the Urique Canyon of the Barranca del Cobre. The ChePe train allows a 15-20 minute stop for visitors to enjoy the view. Divisadero and nearby Areponapuchi (located 4 km south) are major canyon-rim trailheads for hiking into the Rio Urique canyon. This high mesa is home to three tourist class hotels strategically located on the canyon rim, and several low budget guesthouses offering basic accommodations with meals included.
  • Temoris, a dual town located 400m apart in elevation. The ChePe train traverses the valley 3 times including a mile long tunnel to gain elevation. Located on the Rio Septentrion, lower Temoris is at 1000m.
  • Urique, 560m. Located at the bottom of the canyon rim below Bahuichivo, on the Urique River. It is 30 km NW of Batopilas, now connected by a rough road.

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