Copernican means of or pertaining to the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

  • For the Copernican system of astronomy, see heliocentrism
  • For the philosophical principle, see Copernican principle
  • For the lunar geological period, see Copernician
  • Copernican federalism explains use in politics
  • Copernican paradigm (Australia) explains use in Australian republicanism

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Copernican Federalism - Analogy
... Various authors and theorists have evoked Copernican heliocentrism to describe tiers of government ... The analogy is also employed in an attempt to borrow Copernican simplicity as compared to Ptolemaic complexity ... The world in which we live is Copernican." ...
Chinese Astronomy - Foreign Influences - Jesuit Activity in China
... Thus, the Jesuits initially shared an Earth-centered and largely pre-Copernican astronomy with their Chinese hosts (i.e ... Boym (Bu Mige) introduced Johannes Kepler's Copernican Rudolphine Tables with much enthusiasm to the Ming court at Beijing ... Jesuits in China who were in favor of the Copernican theory, such as Nicholas Smogulecki and Wenceslaus Kirwitzer ...
Copernican Revolution (metaphor) - Usage
... by a person's unconscious ideas, Freud started what can be called a ‘Copernican Revolution’ in the understanding of mental illness — which put him into opposition both to the Parisian ... is structured like a language’, can be seen as a Copernican revolution (of sorts), bringing together Freud and the insights of linguistic ... Fredrick Barth (1969), in what could be called a Copernican revolution in the understanding of ethnicity, suggested that rather than anthropology ...
Copernican Period
... The Copernican Period in the lunar geologic timescale runs from approximately 1.1 billion years ago to the present day ... The base of the Copernican period is defined by impact craters that possess bright optically immature ray systems ... Copernicus is a prominent example of rayed crater, but it does not mark the base of the Copernican period ...