Convoluted Tubule

Convoluted tubule is the compound of a metanephridium which is wrapped with capillaries. The process of reabsorption occurs in this part of the metanephridium.

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Examples of Tubules
... Collecting tubules terminal channels of the nephrons Cuvierian tubules clusters of sticky tubules located at the base of the respiratory tree, which may be discharged by some sea cucumbers (holothurians) when ... being threatened by a predator) Dentinal tubules or dental canaliculi minute channels in the dentine of a tooth that extend from the pulp cavity to the cementum or the enamel Distal convoluted tubule the ... It begins with a descending limb (comprising the proximal straight tubule and the thin tubule ), followed by the ascending limb (the distal straight tubule ), and ending at the distal ...
Countercurrent Exchange in Biological Systems - Countercurrent Multiplier - In The Kidney
... urine in the kidneys, by using active transport on the exiting 'nephrons' (tubules carrying liquid in the process of gradually concentrating the urea) ... Proximal convoluted tubule It then may reabsorb urea in the thick descending limb ... mOsm when leaving the thin ascending limb and passing through the thick one Distal convoluted tubule Once leaving the loop of Henle the thick ascending limb can optionally reabsorb and re ...