Contestable Markets

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Profit (economics) - Normal Profit - In Competitive and Contestable Markets
... the industry, they increase the supply of the product available in the market, and these new firms are forced to charge a lower price to entice consumers to buy the additional supply these new firms are supplying ... of monopolistically competitive industries and, more generally, any market which is held to be contestable ... a differentiated product can initially secure market power for a short while ...
Contestable Market
... In economics, the theory of contestable markets, associated primarily with its 1982 proponent William J ... Baumol, holds that there exist markets served by a small number of firms, which are nevertheless characterized by competitive equilibria (and therefore desirable welfare outcomes) because of the ... A perfectly contestable market has three main features ...

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    A free-enterprise economy depends only on markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets depend only on moods: specifically, the mood of the men in the pinstripes, also known as the Boys on the Street. When the Boys are in a good mood, the market thrives; when they get scared or sullen, it is time for each one of us to look into the retail apple business.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)