Contamination is the presence of a minor and unwanted constituent (contaminant) in a material, in a physical body, in the natural environment, at a workplace, etc.

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Angiostrongyliasis - Transmission
... Infection is also frequent from ingestion of contaminated water or unwashed salad that may contain small snail and slugs, or have been contaminated ... raw snails, wash and cook vegetables thoroughly, and avoid open water sources that may be contaminated ...
List Of Superfund Sites In Indiana - Superfund Sites
... Lake Aquifers beneath the site are contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and vinyl chloride, and with semi-vol ... Marion Soil contaminated with heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, cyanide and various volatile organic compounds ... parts, including a large number of PCB-contaminated capacitors by Westinghouse Electric ...
Sterling Drug - History - 1940s
... In 1940, a cross-contamination from equipment sharing resulted in Winthrop Chemical producing contaminated sulfathiazole tablets contaminated with ... Each sulfathiazole tablet was contaminated with about 350mg of phenobarbital ...
Pneumatic Fracturing
... fracturing is a method that has become very popular in the last ten years used to remediate contaminated sites ... The method consists of injecting gas into a contaminated subsurface at a pressure higher than that of the gases that are present ... throughout the subsurface so that pumps may be placed in the ground to suck out the contaminated water through these cracks ...
Contaminated - Specifics
... Contamination may be recognized or not and may become an issue if the contaminated chemical is mixed with other chemicals or mixtures and causes additional chemical reactions ...

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    A happy people I call them still, whose peace and genuine morals have not been contaminated with European vices; and whose errors are only the errors of ignorance, and not the rooted depravity of a pretended civilization, and a spurious and mock Christianity.
    —J.G. (John Gabriel)