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The online presence of contact juggling began with a Yahoo! discussion group in late 1999 and later formed into which serves the English speaking community with tutorials, forums, and videos. Since then, other international contact juggling forums have served jugglers in Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.

In September 2001, the first contact juggling convention (CJC) was held in Florida, USA. Two of the attendees were British contact jugglers Daniel Kerr and Andy Wilson, who then organized the first contact juggling convention in Europe (BCJC). It was held in Scotland in 2003, and included a public performance to allow the general public to learn about contact juggling. Since then, contact juggling conventions have been held in various countries around the world, as well as contact juggling workshops being taught juggling festivals and circus schools.

At European Juggling Convention 2011 in Munich, Moon (Emanuele Marchione) of Ministry of Manipulation team had made a documentary about contact juggling, called ABOUT:MANIPULATION, with interviews and examples by some of the best European contact jugglers.

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