Conrad II

Conrad II may refer to:

  • Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor (c. 990 – 1039)
  • Conrad II, Duke of Transjurane Burgundy (fl. 858–864)
  • Conrad II of Znojmo
  • Conrad II of Bohemia (died 1191)
  • Conrad II of Dachau (died 1159)
  • Conrad II of Italy (1074–1101)
  • Conrad II of Jerusalem (1228–1254)
  • Conrad II of Teck (1235–1292)
  • Conrad II, Duke of Carinthia (probably 1003–1039)
  • Conrad II the Hunchback

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List Of State Leaders In 1035 - Europe
... Fulk III (987–1040) Duchy of Aquitaine - William VI (1030–1038) County of Blois - Odo II (1004–1037) Duchy of Brittany - Alan III (1008–1040) Duchy ...
Speyer Cathedral - History and Architecture - Middle Ages
... Interior looking east In 1024, Conrad II commissioned the construction of the Christian Western world's largest church which was also supposed to be his last resting place ... Neither Conrad II, nor his son Henry III, were to see the cathedral completed ... Conrad II died in 1039 and was buried in the cathedral while it was still under construction Henry III was laid next to him in 1056 ...
Imperial Cathedrals
... for Philipp von Schwaben, Frederick II, and Henry Raspe ... Also Henry II (in 1002), and Conrad II (in 1024) were crowned in the cathedral at Mainz, but both presumably in the preceding building, since the present cathedral was consecrated in ... Speyer Cathedral was built starting in 1030 by Conrad II as a family vault for the Salian dynasty and was later extended by Henry IV ...
Conrad II, Count Of Luxembourg
... Conrad II of Luxembourg (died 1136) was count of Luxembourg (1131–1136), in succession to his father William I of Luxembourg ... He married Ermengarde, daughter of count Otto II of Zutphen ... Conrad II died without a male heir, and so the county of Luxembourg reverted to the Holy Roman Emperor ...
William, Count Of Luxembourg
... They were both sons of Conrad and Clementia of Aquitaine ... of Kuno, count of Beichlingen, and had Conrad II († 1136), count of Luxembourg William, count of Gleiberg, documented in 1131 and in 1158 Liutgarde (1120 † 1170), married Henri II (1125 † 1211), count ...

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