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Strange Paradise - Production Notes
... Nonnie Griffin portrayed the pilot’s Beryl Forbes, a character slated to be the Conjure Woman (a role important to the series) ... Instead, the role of the Conjure Woman fell to Vangie Abbott, as portrayed by actress Angela Roland ... from Strange Paradise, including cast photos, set designs, shooting scripts and the original conjure doll ...
Mojo (African American Culture) - Ideology
... The word "conjure" is an ancient alternative to "hoodoo," which is a direct variation of African-American folklore ... Because of this, a conjure hand is also considered a hoodoo bag usually made by a respected community conjure doctor ...
Solar Twins (band) - Other Appearances
... Poem by Delerium Tracks "Myth" and "A Poem for Byzantium" Conjure One by Conjure One Tracks "Manic Star", "Premonition (Reprise)" Extraordinary Ways by Conjure One Tracks "Pilgrimage" and "Dy ...
The Conjure Woman
... The Conjure Woman (1926) is a race film directed, written, produced and distributed by Oscar Micheaux ... No print of the film has been located and The Conjure Woman is presumed to be a lost film ...

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    I conjure thee, and all the oaths which I
    And thou have sworn to seal joint constancy,
    Here I unswear, and overswear them thus,
    Thou shalt not love by ways so dangerous.
    Temper, O fair Love, love’s impetuous rage,
    Be my true Mistress still, not my feign’d Page;
    I’ll go, and, by thy kind leave, leave behind
    Thee, only worthy to nurse in my mind
    Thirst to come back;
    John Donne (1572–1631)

    My way is to conjure you, and I’ll begin with the women. I
    charge you, O women, for the love you bear to men, to like
    as much of this play as please you.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)