Congenital Hyperinsulinism

Congenital hyperinsulinism is a medical term referring to a variety of congenital disorders in which hypoglycemia is caused by excessive insulin secretion. Congenital forms of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia can be transient or persistent, mild or severe. These conditions are present at birth and most become apparent in early infancy. The severe forms can cause obvious problems in the first hour of life, but milder forms may not be detected until adult years.

Mild cases can be treated by frequent feedings, more severe cases can be controlled by medications that reduce insulin secretion or effects, and a minority of the most severe cases require surgical removal of part or most of the pancreas to protect the brain from damage due to recurrent hypoglycemia.

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... Hyperinsulinism due to diffuse overactivity of beta cells, such as in many of the forms of congenital hyperinsulinism, and more rarely in adults, can often be treated with ... When congenital hyperinsulinism is due to focal defects of the insulin-secretion mechanism, surgical removal of that part of the pancreas may cure the problem ... In more severe cases of persistent congenital hyperinsulinism unresponsive to drugs, a near-total pancreatectomy may be needed to prevent continuing hypoglycemia ...
Congenital Hyperinsulinism - Treatment
... the blood glucose, but in most forms of congenital hyperinsulinism hypoglycemia recurs and the therapeutic effort is directed toward preventing falls and maintaining a glucose above 70 mg/dl (3 ... poor feeding behavior that often accompanies severe congenital hyperinsulinism ...
... dysfunction associated with persistent congenital hyperinsulinism and in most cases from the 1970s until the 1980s, it was used as a synonym for what is now referred to as ... Most congenital hyperinsulinism is caused by different mechanisms than excessive proliferation of beta cells in a fetal pattern and the term fell into disfavor after it ... years to describe a form of acquired hyperinsulinism with beta cell hyperplasia found in adults, especially after gastrointestinal surgery ...

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