Confronted Animals

Confronted animals, or confronted-animal as an adjective, where two animals face each other in a symmetrical pose, is an ancient bilateral motif in art and artifacts studied in archaeology and art history. The Anti-Confronted animals is the opposing motif. Bilateral symmetry is a dominant aspect of our world and strong representation of it with matching figures often creates a balance that is appealing in artwork.

In ancient artwork, confronted-animal motifs often involve a central figure between two confronted animals, and are probably part of a unified socio-cultural motif. It is thought that the iconography sometimes has ritual and religious associations; for example, the Lion Gate of Mycenae has a column between the protective, surmounted and confronted lionesses standing with two feet on the ground and two on the same base on which the column rests. The column is thought to represent a goddess, abstracted to avoid tabooed direct representation.

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Confronted Animals - Examples From Archaeology - Asian and European Art
... Confronted-animal motifs are found extensively in Asian art and in textiles, including rugs, across Eurasia ... In Europe they are an important motif in animal style, or zoomorphic decoration, Insular art, and the Romanesque ... In these contexts there may be little or nothing between the two animals, and the emphasis is on the pair themselves ...

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