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Confronted Animals
... Confronted animals, or confronted-animal as an adjective, where two animals face each other in a symmetrical pose, is an ancient bilateral motif in art and artifacts studied in archaeology and art history ... The Anti-Confronted animals is the opposing motif ... In ancient artwork, confronted-animal motifs often involve a central figure between two confronted animals, and are probably part of a unified socio-cultural motif ...
Confronted Animals - Examples From Archaeology - Asian and European Art
... Confronted-animal motifs are found extensively in Asian art and in textiles, including rugs, across Eurasia ... The Sutton Hoo purse lid has three stylized confronted-animal pairs the two side pairs, left and right, are identical, and have the animals in the person's clutched grasp ... The central confronted animals are even more complex in theme ...
Crooks Anonymous - Plot
... Confronted by Montague, Forsdyke admits that he wants to give up crime and marry Babette ... Confronted with this unique opportunity, the five of them decide to steal the money and split it among themselves ... They go to Forsdyke's house, only to be confronted by an outraged Babette, who demands they put the money back ...
Confronted Animals - Examples From Archaeology - Etruscan Tomb Mural
... Confronted leopards appear in a tomb found in Tarchuna (Tarquinia), or Tarchna Tarchnal, the chief of the twelve cities of Etruria, a district in what is described as the Etruscan civilization that ... This mural features confronted leopards providing protection for a banquet in the afterlife ... Frequently felines, lionesses and leopards such as these are confronted with a tree, shrub, or column between them in murals from this culture ...
Matthew 28:4
... also something of a pun to have the guards tremble when confronted with an earthquake, perhaps reflecting the author of Matthew's fondness for wordplay ... are also used in contemporary Greco-Roman pagan literature when mortals are confronted by gods ... Fear is also the standard reaction in the Bible when confronted by the divine, and this verse is a variation on the expression "fear and trembling" that commonly describes ...

Famous quotes containing the word confronted:

    No one likes having offended another person; hence everyone feels so much better if the other person doesn’t show he’s been offended. Nobody likes being confronted by a wounded spaniel. Remember that. It is much easier patiently—and tolerantly—to avoid the person you have injured than to approach him as a friend. You need courage for that.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)

    An actor must communicate his author’s given message—comedy, tragedy, serio- comedy; then comes his unique moment, as he is confronted by the looked-for, yet at times unexpected, reaction of the audience. This split second is his; he is in command of his medium; the effect vanishes into thin air; but that moment has a power all its own and, like power in any form, is stimulating and alluring.
    Eleanor Robson Belmont (1878–1979)

    It is a most curious experience for a man of seventy-two to be confronted with the greenhorn enthusiasms of his youth. Young people think they are so smart. Alas the doctrines they spout with such fervor turn out to be mostly parroted from their elders.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)