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Distraction Osteogenesis - Techniques - The Guichet Method - Future Technology
... These include Concepts based on electromagnetic actuation Concepts based on smart material integration Concepts based on manual actuation Concepts based on electronic actuation ...

Famous quotes containing the words based and/or concepts:

    A woman does not have to make decisions based on the need to survive. She can cut through issues, call shots as she sees them.... Many bad decisions are made by men in government because it is good for them personally to make bad public decisions.
    Dianne Feinstein (b. 1933)

    During our twenties...we act toward the new adulthood the way sociologists tell us new waves of immigrants acted on becoming Americans: we adopt the host culture’s values in an exaggerated and rigid fashion until we can rethink them and make them our own. Our idea of what adults are and what we’re supposed to be is composed of outdated childhood concepts brought forward.
    Roger Gould (20th century)