Compressor may refer to:

  • Compressor (software), an application used with Final Cut Studio
  • Gas compressor, a device that pressurizes fluids generally
  • Air compressor, a device specifically for compressing air to power other tools
  • A device applying video compression to a video signal
  • A device applying audio data compression to an audio signal
  • A device applying dynamic range compression to an audio signal

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Compressor Station - Prime Movers - Turbine/Centrifugal Compressor
... unit uses a natural gas-fired turbine to turn a centrifugal compressor ... The centrifugal compressor is similar to a large fan inside a case, which pumps the gas as the fan turns ...
Sungwon Compressor
... Sungwon Compressor (hangul 성원콤프레샤) is a machinery company, headquartered in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, established in 1989 ... It manufactures compressor and filter products ...
Compressor Station - Prime Movers - Electric Motor/Centrifugal Compressor
... In this type of compressor unit, the centrifugal compressor is driven by a high voltage, electric motor ...
Crankcase Heater - Operation
... there is enough heat being generated by the compressor running to prevent refrigerant migration from occurring ... Refrigerant vapor always migrates to the coldest part of the system (the compressor) ... The refrigerant migrates to the compressor crankcase where it is attracted to the compressor oil ...