Complex Mental Qualities

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Philosophical Aspects Of The Abortion Debate - Philosophical Argumentation On The Moral Issue - The Natural Capacities View
... view believe that what matters morally is not that one be actually exhibiting complex mental qualities of the sort she identifies, but rather that one have in oneself a self-directed ... the right conditions, actively develops itself to the point of exhibiting Warren's qualities at some point in its life, even if it does not actually exhibit ... to exist at conception and has a natural capacity for complex mental qualities, therefore the right to life begins at conception ...

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    I am less disposed to think of a West Point education as requisite for this business than I was at first. Good sense and energy are the qualities required.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    The money complex is the demonic, and the demonic is God’s ape; the money complex is therefore the heir to and substitute for the religious complex, an attempt to find God in things.
    Norman O. Brown (b. 1913)

    In the new science of the twenty-first century, not physical force but spiritual force will lead the way. Mental and spiritual gifts will be more in demand than gifts of a physical nature. Extrasensory perception will take precedence over sensory perception. And in this sphere woman will again predominate.
    Elizabeth Gould Davis (b. 1910)