Completely Normal Hausdorff

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Topological Property - Common Topological Properties - Separation
... T2 or Hausdorff ... A space is Hausdorff if every two distinct points have disjoint neighbourhoods ... T3 or Regular Hausdorff ...
Normal Space - Definitions
... A topological space X is a normal space if, given any disjoint closed sets E and F, there are open neighbourhoods U of E and V of F that are also disjoint ... A T4 space is a T1 space X that is normal this is equivalent to X being Hausdorff and normal ... A completely normal space or a hereditarily normal space is a topological space X such that every subspace of X with subspace topology is a normal space ...
Normal - Geography
... Normal, Illinois Normal Station, Memphis. ...

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    Alexandra Rheault, U.S. model. As quoted in the New York Times, p. 9 (September 6, 1993)

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