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History Of The Separation Axioms - Completely Hausdorff, Urysohn, and T Spaces
... Wikipedia calls this a completely Hausdorff space ... They define a completely Hausdorff space and T2½ space as a space in which every two points are separated by closed neighborhoods, which Wikipedia calls a Urysohn space or T2½ space ... T2½, the meaning of "completely", and Willard's switch ...
Separation Axiom - Relationships Between The Axioms
... axiom is special in that it can be not only added to a property (so that completely regular plus T0 is Tychonoff) but also subtracted from a property (so that Hausdorff minus T0 is R1), in a fairly precise ... the table below T0 version Non-T0 version T0 (No requirement) T1 R0 Hausdorff (T2) R1 T2½ (No special name) Completely Hausdorff (No special name) Regular Hausdorff (T3) Regular Tychonoff (T3 ... for abbreviation as follows "P" = "perfectly", "C" = "completely", "N" = "normal", and "R" (without a subscript) = "regular" ...
Completely Hausdorff Space - Relation To Other Separation Axioms
... It follows that every completely Hausdorff space is Urysohn and every Urysohn space is Hausdorff ... One can also show that every regular Hausdorff space is Urysohn and every Tychonoff space (=completely regular Hausdorff space) is completely Hausdorff ... we have the following implications Tychonoff (T3½) regular Hausdorff (T3) completely Hausdorff Urysohn (T2½) Hausdorff (T2) T1 One can find ...

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