Comparison of Audio Synthesis Environments - Technical


Name Operating system(s) Source code language(s) Programming (plugin) API language(s) Other technical features
Audulus iOS, Mac OS X C++, Objective-C, Lua
ChucK Mac OS X, Linux, Windows C++ Unified timing mechanism (no separation between audio-rate and control-rate), command-line access
Common Music Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Scheme, C++ Scheme, SAL command-line access
Csound Mac OS X, Linux, Windows C, C++ C; also Python, Java, Lisp, Lua, Tcl, C++ IDE (QuteCsound), multitrack interface (blue); several analysis/resynthesis facilities; can compute double-precision audio; Python algorithmic composition library
Impromptu Mac OS X Lisp, Objective-C, Scheme C, C++, Objective-C, Scheme Native access to most OS X APIs including Core Image, Quartz, QuickTime and OpenGL. Impromptu also includes its own statically typed (inferencing) systems language for heavy numeric processing - OpenGL, RT AudioDSP etc..
Max/MSP Mac OS X, Windows C, Objective-C C, Java, JavaScript, also Python and Ruby via externals
nsound Mac OS X, Linux, Windows C++ C++, Python Real-Time Dynamic Digital Filters
Pure Data Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, iPod, Android C C, C++, FAUST, Haskell, Java, Lua, Python, Q, Ruby, Scheme, others
Reaktor Mac OS X, Windows
SuperCollider Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD C, C++, Objective-C C++ Client-server architecture; client and server can be used independently, command-line access
sfront Linux, Windows(via cygwin) C++ Conforming MPEG-4/SA implementation.
Usine Windows Delphi C++

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